Executive Coaching

Do you feel like you need more clarity?

Are you frustrated with trying to manage feelings of uncertainty and stress?

Do you want to go from being great to grandiose?

Is making an impact important to you?

Executive coaching is a process that supports high performing professionals in organizational leadership positions, in working towards sustainable outcomes in the workplace. During the coaching process, you will learn ways to build on your strengths and capitalize on being more efficient in your role. This also creates the space to develop a goal plan that helps you expand your thinking, become more self-aware, and align your path in order to reach your potential. You can expect for me to provide feedback, ask meaningful questions, act as an accountability partner, and guide as we work together as a team.

Here are several common issues that individuals in leadership face that I can support you with achieving: 

  • Navigating critical decisions

  • Stress and anxiety management 

  • Developing career performance satisfaction

  • Deepening your understanding of your strengths and vulnerabilities 

  • Showing up as your authentic self at work

  • Setting boundaries to steer away from burnout & increase productivity

The end goal of our work together is to help you increase your impact, sharpen your leadership skills, and approach your role with a stronger sense of confidence and commitment to your own growth, and the success of your team.

This intensive package includes:


  • 6 sessions that consist of customized phone/video meetings, and follow-ups

  • Well-defined goal plan 

  • Individualized assessment process that identifies problem-solving strengths, your responses in different situations, conflict resolution style, and opportunities for development

  • Review of assessment results


+  1:1 access for the length of our time together

+  Individualized process design

+  Consistent accountability 

Investment: $3,000