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Immigration Cases

Expert Support

What is an immigration evaluation?

An immigration evaluation is a comprehensive psychosocial assessment and written report about someone’s background, that contains specific details about hardship of them or a family member, and how it is associated with mental health concerns. The evaluation report highly supports cases for immigration proceedings.

What types of evaluations do you offer?

Clinical evaluations are offered for the following situations:

  • Extreme Hardship

  • Asylum

  • VAWA/Spousal Abuse

  • U-Visas

  • T-Visas

What does a clinical interview look like?

You will be scheduled for 2 assessment interviews, where in-depth information about your work and family history will be gathered, conditions of your home country, medical conditions, and adverse experiences that have caused need for you or your family member to remain in the United States. Depending on the type of waiver you are seeking, family members will be invited for an interview as part of the process.

What is your approach like?

We strive to create a compassionate and caring environment during the interviews. As trauma-informed therapists, the goal is to create an atmosphere where you feel emotionally safe and welcomed. Working closely with your attorney is key to providing a thorough report. Most of all, it is important to help families remain together, and ensure individuals have a safe, secure place to call home.

How do we meet for appointments?

Appointments are scheduled via telehealth (online video call). The quality of the interview does remains the same as an in-person meeting. Evaluations are available for individuals located in DC, Maryland, Virginia & Texas.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Payment plans are available.