EMDR Consultation for Clinicians

Image by Guzmán Barquín

As someone who is passionate about using the powerful benefits that EMDR has to offer, I support clinicians through case consultation on best practices. I offer online EMDR Consultation for clinicians who have completed basic training, and for those seeking ongoing peer support. As an EMDRIA approved Consultant-in-Training, I am able to provide 15 of 20 hours required for EMDR certification. Consultation is available on an individual and group basis.

Areas of practice include:

Perinatal Mental Health/Reproductive Trauma | Childhood Trauma/Abuse | Workplace Trauma | Anxiety | PTSD | Imposter Syndrome

Please note: My consultation services are offered with a heavy emphasis on cultural sensitivity and antiracism as part of providing holistic care. 


  • Individual Consultation is $125/60 min

  • Group Consultation is $65/60 min

  • Packages are available


  •  2nd Friday of the month 10am-11am EST


  • Completion of EMDRIA-approved Basic Training 

  • Active clinical license in good standing

  • A commitment to self-reflection, and cultural humility in clinical practice